Eleanor Rubin • Artist's Statement
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"In poetry you have to feel deeply something inchoate, something which is coming up from a place you don't even know the register of"
Jorie Graham from "Image and the Arc of Feeling"

Eleanor Rubin: Image and the Arc of Feeling

I am an artist who is interested in questions about the impact of visual images on a person's sense of well being. One period of my own artwork was greatly influenced by the stress of care giving for a parent with Alzheimer's disease. The images from that period have been published in journals of the Humanities, ("The new renaissance,"1997), and in journals concerned with medical care and ethics, ("Innovations in End of Life Care," 2001.)

In the context of these journals and on a web site for medical research where my artwork is shown, ( t-cellvaccination.org), these prints add metaphorical nuance and power to the texts. My prints are not meant as "illustrations" but rather as catalysts to stir feelings and to focus the eye. Hopefully the images in this context take you to a place "you don't even know the register of."

Printmaking can produce editions: multiples that are replicas of each other. I value in printmaking the qualities that subvert its predictable characteristics. I look for the unexpected, the chance distortion or complication,

I value the possibilities in woodcuts that are printed in a series of variations, the ghosts of one becoming the background for another. The rough and surprising quality in transfer drawings that are full of smudges and lines; these are some of the pleasures of printmaking. The images that feel accomplished and lasting for me are the ones that reveal the contradictions that brought them into being.