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Memory Blue
November 14, 2004

 Memory blue.jpg

A sparkling cold November day after snow leads me to chose this image to represent the season.

A Season of Changes
September 22, 2004


This color woodcut from a series called "A Season of Changes" is a fall image reflecting many possibilities. Chamber music (playing and listening), working on a book proposal, and Yoga are some of the things that enhance this season for me. Working towards political change is another.

No Studio Open House is planned for winter 2004. Studio visits may always be arranged by appointment. Contact me at erubin@cs.umb.edu. This is the best contact information for the remainder of '04. Updates will be posted here.

Twins: Reflections, Pairs and Shadows
August 13, 2004

figures I copy.jpg

"Twins" is an image created from monoprint- textured paper which I cut and folded. The image started from a "scrap" of paper I'd printed and became the drawing you see here. (I'd hung on to and treasured this paper fragment because of its suggestive streaks of light and dark). In deciding to fold and cut this print fragment, I was, to borrow a phrase from Matisse, 'drawing with scissors'. The work is inspired by Matisse, (looking again at his book "Jazz"), and by the work of Cuban born artist, Ana Mendieta. I viewed an exhibit of Mendieta's work in NYC (August '04 at the Whitney Museum), and was especially taken with her series "Silueta" and "Ofrendas". Most of her work was created with her own body, with clay, in caves and in the earth and was ephemeral but some drawings and carvings in wood as well as photos of her work exist.

Another influence is my relationship to my identical twin sister Joanne. Our adult lives diverge and converge in ways that have an important impact on our art work.

We've never lived near each other geographically but we always live "near" each other metaphorically. Both of us are artists and our art work has occasionally focused on investigating our similarities and our differences. This year, Joanne is working intensively on a book about her photographs, a book that integrates a narrative about her working life as a woman photographer with her images. As publication deadlines near, Joanne sends portions of her work to me. Since the narrative of her life dove-tails and diverges from my own life and work, seeing and reading this material is an intense, exciting and sometimes unnerving experience. The darkness of the "Twins" image emphasizes some of the shadowy aspects of being a self divided. The light hints at the glee and delight in our intense connection and the sometimes humorous confusions that play off being "identical".

Klee's Chorus Line
August 05, 2004

This image titled "Klee's Chorus Line" is part of a series of cut and folded work created during the summer of 2004. I have been inspired by the exhibit "Kiki Smith, Prints, Books and Things" and by the work of James Lee Bayers which I saw in April at Mass MOCA. Both artists use folded paper with text to create letters and books that are meant to be read "visually" rather than verbally.

"Klee's Chorus Line" is one of a series of images that use magazine pages, art publication pages or my own woodcuts and watercolors to ceate a connected group of figures that both complement and oppose each other.

Rainy Day News: eVent
April 13, 2004

I'm participating in an artist's event that is a response to the Patriot's Act. I've entered a drawing called "Calm Fish, Nervous Waters" in the "common fears" category of the event.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about this.

April 09, 2004

Watercolors and prints by Eleanor Rubin will be on view May 5th- Mid August 2004 at Massachusetts General Hospital in their exhibition program titled "Illuminations". The work chosen is entended to help support patients and their families and care-givers by creating an interesting, colorful and hopeful enviornonment.

Flutter books and other out-croppings
March 29, 2004

My studio feels like a spring garden with little shoots (sketches, origami boxes and birds), making their appearance. I've purposefully put aside my spiral bound watercolor sketchbooks, (25 11" x 14" books are lined up in my studio beside by flat files), out of a determination not to repeat myself.

A process of making images that become randomized by being cut and folded intrigues me.

I'm learning origami, making flutter books: watercolor with print elements (stamps and stencils) on a page that is cut and folded, purposely defying intention by adding an element of surprise.

I'm drawn to book forms because of the narrative strain in my images. At this moment I seem to be creating sentences, paragraphs and chapters rather than a whole.

I'm very intrigued by the work of Kiki Smith as seen in her exhibit and exhibition catalog: Kiki Smith, Prints, Books and Things. There is a "flutter book" (book made from one piece of paper, printed, folded and cut), on the catalog cover. The representation of Kiki Smith's exhibit on the MOMA website was fantastic. Perhaps even now that the exhibit has closed, one can still find the site on line. It is worth searching for this site.

Its possible that I'm creating a kind of memoir in pieces, paper doubled over and then doubled over again, sometimes splitting as identical twins split at conception. (I am an identical twin and this particular metamorphosis, an egg splitting, holds fascination for me since it is miraculous and perilous.) Incomplete separation is a disaster and complete mirror images can also occur...miracle and peril as in printmaking.

A Poet's Response
January 26, 2004

A friend who is a poet wrote from Jerusalem to tell me how much he liked the image, "Opening Notes of Her Song" which was on the card that announced my winter open studio event. Here is what he said in response to that watercolor:

"I'm sitting out in the full sun on a very wintry balcony with a brisk wind telling of the promised rain (tomorrow evening). I love that watercolor (Opening Notes of her Song) and the air and light you let in with those two deliciously irregular strips-that little bit of sweet divisiion which holds it all together and gives it life. The third section with its reds and green-blue is my absolute favorite. But then I adore the orange-red mark on yellow of the middle (not central) panel, and the flittering black flecks on that translucent grey. It is a truly wonderful painting and not at all sectioned but very much one.

New Year's Exhibit now on view
January 03, 2004

First News of 2004!

Thirty two prints and watercolors are now installed in the beautifully gallery at the Newton Free Library. This exhibit "New Year's Exhibition: After Turbulence" can be seen through January 29th 2004. Check the Library's website for hours and additional information. http://www.ci.newton.ma.us/Library/Newsletter/month.htm. If you'd like to receive a card announcing the exhibition and featuring a beautiful color reproduction, contact me by filling in and sending the form on the contact page of this website.

Hope you can come to the opening reception Wednesday January 7th, 2004

Studio Open House Update
December 10, 2003

December 7th, the date of my Studio Open House, found the entire New England region engulfed in a huge snow storm. Only a few hardy souls who could walk to my studio made it here.

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I've added two additional Open Studio days this December:I hope to be able to welcome you to the studio on Saturday December 20th 2003 Noon to five or Sunday December 21st, Noon to five. The studio(s) will be open both days.

If you need specific information such as driving directions etc. please contact me at eleanor.rubin@ellyrubin.com.