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Interview with Eleanor Rubin, May 2002



The weather has turned the corner and I've seen a dozen  blooming crocus on my walk through my neighborhood. The sunlight in my new attic studio is bright and the air circulates round and about thanks to the many windows above and around me.  As I write today I over-look the tree tops and feel on top of the world.  I can almost forget, from the vantage point of this sanctuary, that war rages on and many are dying.  Such a complex time of personal happiness and world difficulties.

My exhibit, "Transformations, Sound into Image" at Kantar Fine Arts has its Opening 2-5PM    on Sunday March 30th,  (see "Exhibitions).  In the Boston Globe West Section March 27,  2003 there will be an article highlighting this exhibit.  Watch for the Sunday March 30th Globe's  "GO Sunday" section where the exhibit will also be featured.