Eleanor Rubin • Gallery
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a tipsy, tall house leans right in a colorful grid of yellow, rose and blue watercolor deep blue and black winged figures obscured by plale blue forms like clouds crossing the sky
Delicate contrasts of gray and sand colors with tantalizing white lines and flecks of crimson suggesting a narrative that can’t quite be discerned a bust of aqua like a bright ocean wave lifts out of the lower frame of the image and settles below a cloud of gray
fanciful combination:  of imaginary bird-woman /stars and yellow-orange spots of light delicate bird and winded creatures with shadows that activate the surface
Winged creature with egg shaped middle juxtaposed against green-toned abstract forms rising  like birds A colorful bird caught in a shaft of light
rhythm of yellows, blues and orange with a nest of woven black lines in the lower left Mysterious female figure highlighted by red line and opposed by blue birds
black oval window obscures and reveals abstract configuration of white lines on black background with highlights of red a rush of blues and greens suspended over bright gold abstract image with thin, darting lines of black

“Orchestrations: A Burst of Pleasure”