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Summer Sounds
"Summer Sounds"
Night Dance
"Night Dance"
Current Projects
Visual Response to the Music of Hikari Oe

Description of project: I have created a series of images based on the music of Hikari Oe, a man in Japan whose only language is music. Themes of continuity, healing and resilience have been key to my work of the last 25 years and the resonance of these themes with the music of Oe is a foundation of this grant funded project. Images that combine woodcut and watercolor techniques to create a series of rhythmic variations, are the core of this work. I know of Oe's work and life from the novel, "A Personal matter" and non-fiction narrative, "A Healing Family" by Hikari Oe's father, Nobel prize winner, Kenzaburo Oe and from available recordings.

The multi-layered pairs of images, some black and white, (Night Dance) some with subtle muted colors, (Floating Possibilities, Lullaby for Kieko) are the predominant form this series has taken. The double images on Japanese Mulberry paper allow for contrast and rhythm. The layers of color and texture, (Summer Sounds), resemble music in that they are built like chords with undertones and overtones, melody and counter melody.

The images respond to Hikari Oe's music in that they are fluid and gently lyrical. Even the prints that have dominant black background, (Dream Life) are luminous and full of light like Hikari Oe's music. There is no literal attempt to translate his music into image but rather a "visual response" to the overall character of the music with my own themes and dream images having been sparked by what I respond to in his music.

Dream Life
"Dream Life"
Lullaby for Kieko
"Lullaby for Kieko"

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